Biography of My Healing Journey

Watsu Practitioner Bio 

Gary Jaeger, LMT, CWP (Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Watsu Practitioner) 

My early interests in the healing arts were prompted by my own health issues. A desire to work with individuals with color and sound therapy moved my study of massage, and naturally toward water.

Stillpoint Health Associates. In 1989, I co-founded Stillpoint Health Associates located on 41st and Stone Way N. in Seattle, WA. Stillpoint is home to a wonderful and varied group of health care practitioners specializing in a wide variety of healing arts.

Watsu® Background. Continuing my exploration of the healing arts and seeking to improve my effectiveness as a bodywork practitioner eventually led me to working with individuals in the water.

In 1995, I began the study of Watsu® at Harbin Hot Springs in California with the creator of the work, Harold Dull. Since that time I have continued to study with Harold and several other aquatic bodywork teachers.

Continuing Healing Arts. In addition to Watsu® and Waterdance, I have a massage practice at Stillpoint in Seattle. There I practice Lomi-Lomi (Hawiian Healing Art), Cranio-Sacral and Chi-Nei Tsang (Chinese Organ Massage).

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