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Watsu Practitioner Bio 

Gary Jaeger, LMT, CWP (Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Watsu Practitioner) 

My early interests in the healing arts were prompted by my own health issues. A desire to work with individuals with color and sound therapy moved my study of massage, and naturally toward water.

Stillpoint Health Associates. In 1989, I co-founded Stillpoint Health Associates located on 41st and Stone Way N. in Seattle, WA. Stillpoint is home to a wonderful and varied group of health care practitioners specializing in a wide variety of healing arts.

Watsu® Background. Continuing my exploration of the healing arts and seeking to improve my effectiveness as a bodywork practitioner eventually led me to working with individuals in the water.

In 1995, I began the study of Watsu® at Harbin Hot Springs in California with the creator of the work, Harold Dull. Since that time I have continued to study with Harold and several other aquatic bodywork teachers.

Continuing Healing Arts. In addition to Watsu® and Waterdance, I have a massage practice at Stillpoint in Seattle. There I practice Lomi-Lomi (Hawiian Healing Art), Cranio-Sacral and Chi-Nei Tsang (Chinese Organ Massage).

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