What is Watsu?
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What is Watsu?

The word “Watsu” comes from the words Water and Shiatsu.

While most forms of bodywork use either a table or floor to providesupport, Watsu® is unique in that it uses warm water and your own natural buoyancy for support.

What is Watsu?

During a Watsu® session, you will be floated, massaged, and gently stretched. While Watsu® is best experienced to be understood, this video demonstration filmed by the King5 news program Health Link does a great job of showing how Watsu® is practiced. Gary Jaeger is the feature Watsu practitioner. 

Thetherapeutic benefits of warm water, combined with elements from suchdisciplines as Zen Shiatsu, yoga, dance and meditation, make Watsu®effective in treating a wide variety of conditions.

Watsu® is considered a form of massage, so it is covered by most insurance policies, especially for injury recovery., and pain management. Read more about physician referrals for specific conditions. 

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